Ultimate Protection Package

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Ultimate Protection Package

This is the ultimate package for the enthusiast who wants to protect themselves from ALL angles!
This provides protection for the front, the rear, and the interior! It also provides protection for your vehicle when it is parked and turned off, ensuring 100% protection when parked in public places!

Do you drive for Uber? How about Lyft? Maybe you offer some sort of ride sharing service. If you do any of these, bundle is for you. Since there isn't an affordable 3CH (front, inside, and rear-facing) all-in-one system out there, we have created this bundle exactly for that purpose, and it's the perfect dashcam setup to cover yourself from all angles including interior, whether you are a commercial or residential driver!

Also, to transfer files from the camera to your mobile device, you use the BlackVue app for Android or Apple!

Download the app here:



Included in the Ultimate Protection Package:

  • BlackVue DR650S-2CH-IR - 2 1080P cameras, one for the front, and one for the interior with infrared lights!
  • BlackVue DR590-1CH - 1 1080P camera that is mounted on the rear of your car to provide rear protection!
  • 1x Premium 128gb MicroSD Card - A large capacity premium card for the front and interior camera. Both cameras will record 2 videos at the same time, but share the same MicroSD card, doubling the overall space the videos take up. Having a large MicroSD card ensures your whole ride sharing trip is covered! This MicroSD card is built for BlackVue cameras, to ensure safe, interruption-free footage!
  • 1x Premium 16gb MicroSD Card - A small capacity premium card for the rear of your vehicle. This holds roughly 20-30 minutes of footage at a time before every oldest 1, 3, or 5 minute segment is overwritten with the Loop Record function. This offers the best value for those who just want to record the crash scene and up to 20-30 minutes before! This MicroSD card is built for BlackVue cameras, to ensure safe, interruption-free footage!
  • 2x Power Magic Pros - The box that the cameras plug into to provide power to your car even when it is parked, protecting your car in public locations!
  • 2x Fuse Taps - The cables needed for your Power Magic Pro to plug into your vehicle's fuse box!
  • Circuit Tester - A handy tool to test your power to ensure you have the correct fuse to plug into!
This is the best package for full 360, interior, and exterior protection! Remember, having such a large, 360 coverage is not only fantastic for you, but fantastic for others around you! With this package, you will be able to protect others on the road around you, providing video footage for them from any angle! With BlackVue's Power Magic Pro, your vehicle and everyone around it is protected in public places because the Power Magic Pro provides power to the camera while your vehicle is off and parked!

Be the leader and protector of those around you with this Ultimate Protection Package!


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