MateCam 808 1080P Keychain Action Camera

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MateCam 808 1080P Keychain Action Camera

This tiny action camera is the very versatile! While it can also go attach to your keychain, it also has a case which supports the tripod mounting screw! This also features a dashcam function if you want to use it in your vehicle! With a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts an hour, you'll be sure you'll capture crisp, 1080P footage!


  • 1080P H.264 Video (AVI) 
  • Record in crisp 1080P H.264. HD (1920X1080) video quality at 30 frames per second. 
  • Loop Recording: When the memory is full it simply starts recording over the oldest files (optional setting) 
  • Battery Life: The 600mah battery gives you full hour of record time. 
  • Expandable Memory: Supports up to a 32GB Micro SD Card
  • Time/Date Stamp: Stamp videos with the date/time. 
  • Use as a Dash Camera: As soon as the camera is plugged into the car power adapter it will start/stop record based on whether your engine is on or off! 
  • Supports both MAC and Windows

What's in the box

  • 1 - #26 1080P Key chain Camera (No SD Card) 
  • 1 - Tripod Mount
  • 1 - SD Card Reader
  • 1 - USB cable 
  • 1 - Instruction Book


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