Basic Value Accident Package

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Basic Value Accident Package

This is most basic package that you can get. It comes with one camera only that faces the front. This is the perfect solution for those who want accident-only protection! For an extra value for you, this only comes with a small 16GB memory card. This means that the camera only records up to an average of 20-30 minutes of video, before it overwrites the oldest video segments of 1, 3, or 5 minutes.

These cameras including this one come with a Collision Detection function. This function detects sudden forces on the vehicle and camera. When the camera detects the fores, it saves the current 1, 3, or 5 minute segment of footage to a special place on the memory card, protecting that footage from being overwritten by the Loop Record feature!

Also, this comes with a power solution to keep your camera running even when your car is off, providing 100% protection when it is parked in public places! 360 protection is assured, whether you are in your vehicle or not!

Included in the Basic Value Accident Package:

    • 1x NEW BlackVue DR750S-1CH - 1 1080P cameras for the front. The new 750S series comes with a brand new Sony Starvis sensor! This sensor provides higher quality video and drastically improves low-light recording!


    • Also, to transfer files from the camera to your mobile device, you use the BlackVue app for Android or Apple!
    • Download the app here:


    • 1x Premium 16gb MicroSD Card - A small, yet efficient capacity premium card for the front and rear camera This MicroSD card is built for BlackVue cameras, to ensure safe, interruption-free footage!
    • 1x Power Magic Pro - The box that the cameras plug into to provide power to your car even when it is parked, protecting your car in public locations!
    • 1x Fuse Tap Set - The cables needed for your Power Magic Pro to plug into your vehicle's fuse box!
    • 1x Circuit Tester - A handy tool to test your power to ensure you have the correct fuse to plug into!

    This is the best value front protection package for the driver who wants to protect themselves in the front only in an accident. However,  the average length of footage that can be recorded is 20-30 minutes before overwriting the oldest 1, 3, or 5 minute segment via the Loop Record function. This is geared towards automatically detecting accidents where the current recorded segment is saved into a special place on the memory card, protecting the footage from being overwritten.
    Using this system with the BlackVue Power Magic Pro provides protection for your vehicle when it is parked and turned off, ensuring 100% 360 degree protection when parked in public places!

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