AVIC Elite 1080P WIFI GPS Interior Infrared Commercial Dual Cameras Dashboard Camera

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AVIC Elite 1080P WIFI GPS Interior Infrared Commercial Dual Cameras Dashboard Camera

AVIC Elite 1080P WIFI GPS Interior Infrared Commercial Dual Cameras Dashboard Camera Benefits and Features:

  • Simple and easy to use! Great for commercial fleets!
  • Tamper-proof memory card cover, locked with key, prevents anyone from taking the memory card!
  • Tamper-proof wire harness prevents anyone from unplugging the camera!
  • High definition interior camera for clear interior monitoring of your vehicle! Perfect for taxis or car sharing scenarios!
  • Night vision interior camera with infrared lights, allowing you to see in the dark!
  • Built-in GPS, no extra wires or antennas!
  • Optional WIFI option: use the AVIC smartphone app to retrieve an important video clip while on the side of the road if necessary.
  • WIFI Feature allowing you to connect your mobile device wirelessly to the camera to easily transfer footage to your mobile device, no cables required!
  • Automatic power off when the engine is turned off - set it and forget it!
  • Automatic loop recording - Automatically record over the older footage to ensure your camera is always recording footage!
  • Up to 128GB memory card support: store even more hours of video data if necessary.

AVIC Elite: Professional-Grade

The first thing you may notice about the AVIC Elite Dual Lens is the simple direct-wiring harness that is built-in to the dash cam. This model does not come with a cigarette lighter outlet plug; instead the wire harness must be connected directly to the vehicle's electrical system. This built-in wire harness prevents someone from stopping the dash cam by simply unplugging the power cord (from either the camera itself, or from the power outlet). Business owners: rest assured, your dash cams will always be rolling with the AVIC Elite Dual.

The second most noticeable and perhaps best / most distinguishing feature of the AVIC Elite Dual is the lockable memory card cover. This lock and key feature prevents anyone from accessing the memory card, which prevents tampering with the recordings on the memory card. If you have someone else driving a vehicle you own, or are worried about others seeing your own recordings, this feature is absolutely indispensable. You will always know that no matter what happens, you will have proof of what took place with your vehicle. No one but the physical key holder will be able to access or view the videos.

The AVIC Elite Dual also comes with an infrared illumination module that can be used to enhance the "night vision" of the inside-facing camera lens. This module attaches to the bottom of the dashcam and serves to illuminate the interior of the vehicle at night. Since the module uses IR (infrared) LED lights, the light from the night vision module is invisible to the naked eye, but not to the inside-facing camera lens. In the videos, you'll notice you can see what the driver is doing, even in pitch black, thanks to the infrared illumination module.

Need further proof of your vehicle/driver's activity? The AVIC Elite Dual has a built-in GPS receiver that automatically logs to the memory card the vehicle speed and location throughout the day. And of course this information is stored with the videos on the same tamper-proof memory card mentioned above. Everything is protected.

There is no display screen to distract your driver, only a few LED lights to indicate proper operation. Next to the LED lights, there is a good size dedicated "Event" button to let you quickly and easily "tag" a file of interest as an 'event recording' which makes it a simple process to find that recording during playback later.

New and Improved

The new AVIC Elite Dual now records at 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second versus 720p HD video of the rock solid previous-generation HD-SL-Ruby. Like past models, AVIC's Elite Dual also records audio from inside of the vehicle.

Also new with the 2018 Elite models is optional WiFi! If you select the WiFi-capable model above, you'll have the ability to use your smartphone to interface with the dashcam. You can do things like check the live view of the lenses to ensure they're pointed correctly, playback videos from the memory card, copy videos to your smartphone, or access the dashcam settings. If you'd prefer to reduce your per-unit costs and WiFi access isn't a requirement for you, simply select the non-WiFi model above.

Single and Dual Lens Models Available

The model on this page differs from the AVIC Elite Single because this model is the dual-lens (forward *and* inside-facing) version. For the single-lens (forward-facing only) version, click here. You read that right, the HD-DL-Elite-Dual (this model) features an inner camera lens that records what is happening inside the vehicle, as well as what is happening in front.

Memory Cards

An SD memory card (up to 128gb - Class 10) is required for use with the AVIC Elite Dual. An 8gb memory card is included inside the box by default, but larger memory card options are available for purchase above.

Included in the Box:

  • 1 HD-DL-Elite-Dual Dash Cam with attached wire harness
  • 1 Infrared Illumination Module
  • 1 Clear mount with 3M™ adhesive pad
  • 1 Spare 3M™ adhesive pad
  • 1 Key for locking memory card cover
  • 4 Adhesive cable management clips
  • 1 8GB Class 10 SDHC Card
  • 1 Detailed User Guide


Full Feature List

  • Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p (1920 x 1080) Full HD, 30 FPS (front camera)
  • Maximum Video Resolution: 720p (1280 x 720) HD, 30 FPS (interior camera)
  • 125 degree viewing angle (forward-facing)
  • 149 degree viewing angle (inside-facing)
  • Video file format: .AVI
  • Video codec: H.264
  • Low-light functionality
  • Loop Recording
  • G-Sensor (Low/Normal/High/Custom)
  • GPS Receiver for Position and Speed Logging
  • Length: 4.1" / 104mm
  • Width: 2.0" / 52mm
  • Height: 0.7" / 18mm
  • Weight: 3.39oz / 96g
  • Audio Recording (On/Off)
  • Video segment selection (1min/3min/5min)
  • Date Stamp
  • Certification: KCC/FCC/CE/E-MARK
  • Interfaces: Video-Out
  • Memory Card Type: Class 10 microSD (up to 128gb)
  • Windows XP/7/8+ View-iHD software (No MAC software at this time)
  • Recording Time (Est.): 3.2hr@8GB, 6.5hr@16GB, 12.8hr@32GB, 25.6hr@64GB, 35.3hr @ 128GB
  • Operating Temperature: -4° to 158°(F) or -20° to 70°(C)


Installation is very simple: two wires in the harness are for power and ground only, nothing overly complicated. The power wire can be connected to either a switched power source (turning on and off automatically with the vehicle) or to a constant power source (staying on all the time).

The AVIC Elite Dual comes with a clear adhesive mount that attaches to the windshield, then the camera slides into this mount and snaps in to place. The bottom portion of the dash cam contains both the forward-facing and inside-facing camera lenses, and is adjustable for any windshield angle to keep the field of view centered on both areas of interest (other drivers, and what is happening inside the dashcam-equipped vehicle). We love how this camera tucks up and out of the way, unlike some others which are big and bulky.

User Manual

Elite Software (GPS and Video Playback Utility for Windows)

Elite Mobile App Manual (WiFi Model Only)


The bottom line

We're proud to offer the AVIC Elite Dual as a two-channel solution that's perfectly suited for our taxi, commercial and fleet business clients. AVIC has proven to be one of our rock-solid performers over the past several years, and now the new Elite models bring even more performance to the table. The combination of reliability, features, and cost simply cannot be beat. When the time comes, you'll be glad you invested in this dash cam for your fleet.



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