Who We Are and Our WHY

We are a small family business operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Matthew and Mitchell Parker, their mom Lee, and even their pompom Chewie are together to provide assistance and education about your personal safety on the road!

Growing up in Vancouver with money challenges, we understand how it feels to live paycheque to paycheque.

We also understand that some of us have to drive to work or even drive to school. With very little extra spending money on hand, we understand what it feels like to get into a car accident and deal with insurance.

In such a situation, you have to provide your story as proof that it wasn’t your fault, you have to hope other witnesses were there to back your story, have to deal with the other driver who might be falsifying their story, creating a bigger situation, and deal with the higher premiums, leaving you with even less money at the end of the day!

Our top priority and goal for the 4 of us is that we personally want to protect you on the road. Not just financially, but mentally as well. We know that everyone has many stresses in life, and most definitely do not deserve the extra stress and headache from an accident, added onto their daily lives.

We believe that everyone has a story, and we are extremely grateful of how we grew up allowed us to be closer to each other in a family full of love!

We only want to reciprocate and share that love back to you. So we want to educate you and make sure you are ready and prepared for any situation that may arise on your trips, and get ahead of the game of rising insurance rates!


Matthew Parker

I never really had much money growing up, but I was happy. My parents always supported me no matter what I was going through. I've always worked the 9-5 job, but I was never fully satisfied. Living paycheque to paycheque without much spending money or savings, I became very conscious about my money.

I have seen close friends who are also in a similar game with me, barely making a living.They have to drive to work every day just to make ends meet. I have seen way too many friends get into an unfortunate accident where they were deemed guilty, despite it not being their fault. It hurts me to see close friends of mine struggle, only to have their insurance premiums rise, forcing them to use what little money they have to cover the expenses, sometimes leading them into significant debt.

At this point, I knew I wanted out of the game. I wanted something more than a 9-5 job. I wanted a way to help people.

I created this business along with my brother because I personally understand what it's like living paycheque to paycheque with very little spare money, only to have a situation on the road take that money away and put you deeper in the hole.

I am grateful for my experience growing up, because it has shaped me who I am today. I personally want to protect you financially as well as emotionally through education. Insurance rates are only going to rise, and I want to make you more aware and to ensure you have less stress on your mind, have confidence behind the wheel, and have that extra cash you really deserve so you can spend it on the things you love in life!


Mitchell Parker

Like most, I grew up in a family that always struggled with money. Almost 30 years later and I can see the results of those who were “run through the system”. My mom is retired and her pension doesn’t even cover half a month’s rent. My dad hated the rat race so much, that he moved away to a small town. I myself worked 9-5 for almost a decade, and after seeing what my mom has now, from working her butt off for 40+ years, I knew I needed to do something.

My brother and I started Alliance Cameras so we could not only keep drivers safe on the road, but also give back to our mom for all the years she gave everything to us. That’s the reason we put our heart into this business and care about every relationship we make.


Our Loving Mom, Lee

When growing up, my family took up residence in many countries. The only constant in my life were my sisters. They, together with my parents, gave me stability and confidence, an anchor during my stormy adolescence.

This is why I enjoy customer service. I love being the human voice you contact when you need a caring, understanding person to not only hear your concerns, but to rectify them.

Please let me assist you!


There's also a bonus when you support a local Canadian business like us! As we are located in Canada, we only charge in local Canadian dollars. This way, you only pay exactly what is on your screen, without having to worry about USD conversions or any 2.5% foreign transaction fees banks charge you!

As Canadians ourselves, we understand the frustration of never knowing exactly what the total cost is until the credit card statement comes in. We only want to make things right for Canadians, and we do so by making things as easy and transparent for you as we can!

Safe Driving



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