Dash Cameras Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about a dashcam? Here is where you can find answers to majority of questions customers ask us.

Basic Dash Camera Questions:

What is a dashcam?

A "dashcam" or dashboard camera is a small video camera that is attached to your windshield that continuously records video footage for you vehicle. Essentially, the name comes from a camera mounted to your vehicle's dashboard, hence "dashcam."


Are there different kinds of dashcams?

Yes! There are quite a few different kinds of dashcams, ranging from size and shape, to what their purpose is for your vehicle.

Single camera dashcams are your basic go-to camera as well as the most popular choice. These are typically mounted to the front of your windshield to record the front of your vehicle.

Dual cameras dashcams are a bit more advanced than a single camera dashcam. These setups use 2 cameras that record at the same time. The typical setup is one camera mounted to your windshield to record the front of your vehicle, and another camera mounted to your rear window to record the rear of your vehicle. Another setup people like to choose is to have one camera record the front of your vehicle, and another camera to record the interior of your vehicle, illuminated with infrared lights. This setup is great for car-sharing businesses or taxi businesses such as Uber of Lyft

3 or more camera dashcams are the most complex systems we have generally suited for commercial drivers. For example, big rig drivers like to install one camera to record the front of the truck, and 1 waterproof camera under each side mirror to help with reversing and blind spots. Delivery truck/box van drivers, they like to install waterproof cameras on the sides and rear of their truck to help them with blind spots and reversing.

Action camera style dashcams are generally used for outdoor activity such as sports or motorcycling. These are powered using a rechargeable battery that can last for an hour or 2. Some of these cameras are waterproof as well. They can also be mounted to the front of a car dashboard to act as a dashcam as well. These style of dashcams are popular for motorcyclists or bicyclists as they can be mounted to the helmet.


Which dashcam is the best for me?

Well, that totally depends on you and your preferences! Most people who use it for general commuting pick the simple 1 camera dashcam system, only recording the front. However, there are people out there who want 360 degrees protection by getting a dual dashcam system to record the rear as well.

As it depends on what you want to use your dashcam for, you can range from general commuting to being a taxi driver to being a commercial 18 wheeler fleet driver! If you ever need assistance to determine what the best dashcam is for you, feel free to contact us anytime via email at info@alliancecameras.com or phone number at 888-848-9556!


How do I use a dashcam?

Using a dashcam is fairly simple and easy to do! In almost all cases, all you need to do is:

  1. Insert the memory card that usually comes with the dashcam
  2. Attach the suction cup mount or sticky adhesive mount to your windshield
  3. Attach the camera to your mount
  4. Plug the power cord into your camera and into your power source, usually the 5v cigarette lighter socket.

From there, you're already rolling! Dashcams are designed to automatically start recording the second the engine is turned on, ensuring you get great footage with minimal effort!


What are dashcams good for?

Dashcams are great for for insurance! The number 1 reason for people to get dashcams are to protect them in the event of an accident. With video footage, you can easily make out who's at fault, easily protecting you on the road!

As well as protecting you on the road, you are essentially protecting others on the road too! If you are a witness to another person's accident, you can also provide the footage to help them as well! Everyone wins!

With more advanced systems, you can log GPS and speeds across your trips. These are essential for owners of fleets of trucks who want to keep an eye on their trucks on the road. Some systems even provide live video and live gps recording, all straight from your computer!


Are dashcams easy to install?

Yes. Most dash cameras come with only 1-2 wires (depending on 1 or 2 channel) and can be plugged into a 5 volt cigarette lighter. The wires can be simply tucked away and hidden. 

For the camera itself, most either have a suction cup or sticky pad to keep it on the windshield.

If you are in or around the Lower Mainland, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, we have a mobile installer who can set up your camera professionally. Contact us for more details if you're interested.


How long does the video footage in the camera last?

This depends on the type of SD card you have. With the exception of 4K, most cameras are HD and follow this general rule of thumb:

16GB - About 2 hours.

32GB - About 4 hours.

64GB - About 8 hours.

128GB - About 16 hours.


What if my camera fills up and runs out of space?

Most dashcams have a "loop record" feature. After the stated times above, the footage will loop and record over the previous footage. This ensures you are always recording and ready to capture an accident if it happens! So, make sure to buy an SD Card-To-Phone reader so you can capture footage instantly!


Do dashcams have WiFi?

Yes. Some of our cameras come with wifi. This means you can connect your phone to the camera and transfer files. This saves a lot of time and is definitely recommend for someone who doesn't have time to take the card out and bring it to the computer to upload footage everyday. 


Do any dashcams track speed?

Yes. The cameras that come with GPS also track speed. This feature can be disabled or enabled in the camera's settings. 


What's the difference between cheaper cameras and expensive cameras?

Like most products, with dash cameras the price really does define the quality. Quality meaning the longevity of the camera as well as the footage.

Our cameras range anywhere from $100 to $900. Do you need a $900 dash camera system? I don't believe so. A lot of these higher priced cameras are very advanced for companies with fleets.

My suggestion, and what my family and myself use in our personal vehicles, is a camera around $200. This price to quality ratio is the best, in my opinion.

If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to contact us!


Do you sell to companies with fleets?

Definitely! Although the majority of our customers are a single person buyer, we do deal with companies as well.

We have put together special packages in the past for larger orders at a discounted price.

We also offer sample cameras to fleets that are interested in equipping their vehicles with cameras, but don't want to make the purchase yet.

Contact us any time about any inquires and we'll be happy to help! 


Can I choose a shipping method?

Currently no. We offer many cameras originating from different parts of the world. We choose the best shipping method for you to ensure you get to enjoy your camera as soon as possible! 


How much does shipping cost?

We offer speedy shipping at a flat rate of $15 CAD. However, at times, we do offer promotions that include % discounts, including free shipping! So stay tuned to our newsletter and never miss out!


How long does shipping take?

It depends on where the camera is originating. Some cameras come from the United States, and some come from Canada. On average, cameras arrive within 5-7 business days. On rare occasions, they may arrive within 14 business days.


What/Where is my tracking number?

After you place your order, we will begin processing it. Within 1-2 business days, you will receive an email with your tracking number.



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