Winter is Coming!

Winter is Coming!

Winter is coming. There’s no doubt about that. Here in the Lower Mainland, Winter can be sporadic.

One year, there could be layers upon layers of now. Another year, there could be just a thin layer of snow, consisting mostly of black ice.

Are YOU protected and prepared for the winter this year?

Understandably, a lot of people here in the Lower Mainland do not invest in winter tires. Why? Because our winters are not “true” winters. Last winter is what we experienced a “true” winter; layers upon layers of snow piled up on the roads and nobody was prepared. Nobody was prepared because we aren’t used to such. Last year was the most snow we have ever seen in many years! People do not invest in snow tires because we do not experience the snow like in other parts of Canada.

With that said, no snow tires = no traction on road. No traction on road = situation for accidents! Are you protected on the road?

As arguably as it can be, having no snow tires means you’re 100% liable on the road in snowy conditions should you get involved in an accident. However, if you do not have snow tires either, who’s to blame? You’ll have to hope that other witnesses on the road or sidewalks will tell their story correctly.

Dashcams will be your own personal witness 24/7! It simply gives no ifs, buts, or ands. It tells everything what it is, and what it was. If you are stopped on the road safely, and someone slides into you on the snow, how will insurance know if it was YOU who slid into THEM? As far as insurance knows and operates, no snow tires in snow = liable for everyone. However, if you were 100% not at fault, a dashcam can and will prove that.

So, whether or not you want to invest in winter tires, that is up to you. I do not blame you at all if you do not want to take a risk in investing in something that may not be useful in the next winter or so. However, making the investment in a dashcam can and will protect you regardless of weather conditions.

It’s an investment in your own safety! I’d say that should be a high priority!

Your safety is number 1!

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