Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is an interesting holiday. Consisting of mostly scary or spooky content, people get to dress up into whatever they like! Kids get to walk around to people’s houses at night and get candy! Everyone loves it and has tons of fun! Even families can get together walk around the dark streets!

Let me say that again. This is the time of year where the common practice is the walk around the dark streets in different costumes, even in dark costumes like vampires with black capes! Although it’s great fun to do such, it’s also dangerous, for you and for the drivers on the road!

Your own ability to be seen by others on the road is very hindered. Drivers as well have to be extra careful when driving around on this day, at the end of October!

Since the majority of events happen at the dark at night, there will of course be less light out there! As for a dashcam, you have to make sure you have one that can see clearly in the dark! There are plenty of dashcams out there, but not many perform well in the night time. I suggest looking up reviews of various dashcams that claim they can see well in the dark.

One tip for cheaper dashcams, avoid ones that claim to see in the dark with infrared/LEDs! What these cameras do instead is the complete opposite. When the cameras detect that it’s dark, the LED/lights turn on in the front. You’d expect these tiny lights to somehow light up the front of the car, but all they do is shine against the windshield, creating a huge glare in the image, essentially worsening your footage!

The thing to look for in a dashcam with a nice night/low light quality image, is the image sensor itself. No amount of fancy lighting on the front of the camera will enhance low light performance.

The only exception is if you want to record the interior or your car and light it up on the inside. These are great if you offer some ride-sharing service or have multiple passengers.

As with anything on the road, this holiday is a great way to have fun, but please stay safe on the road out there! We all want to get back home at the end of the night and enjoy a fantastic night full of fun and candy!

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