Everyone Deserves a Great Sleep

Everyone Deserves a Great Sleep

Sleep. We all desire a good night's sleep, right?
That's what we all NEED as well.
There are so many stresses in life that happen to all of us, it accumulates very rapidly, stacking up on each of us very high.
One of those stresses that we as a company want to help reduce, and even remove, is driving. Almost everyone who drives, they want to be protected, right? However, they may not "feel" protected.
Sure, physically, they are protected in a great sense. Cars nowadays with leaps in technology and safety standards provide fantastic physical protection in the event of an accident. However, they only provide protection of 1 of the 3 areas of protection, being physical. The other 2 they do not provide is: financially and emotionally. Let's talk about the two:
You get into an accident and have to pay insurance a certain amount to repair your vehicle, or get another vehicle entirely. Or maybe the other person involved pays your insurance for you and you don't have to pay a thing. If that's the case, then the topic still applies, just to the other person.
Vehicles don't protect you financially. There's no doubt about that. Insurance does help reduce costs in the event of an accident.
You get into an accident, and you are affected very emotionally. Maybe it's due to the buildup of stress over time that manifests into an accident. Now that you've gotten into an accident, you have to deal with all sorts of technicalities such as dealing with insurance, phoning the insurance company and talking to people, talking to police, any witnesses, family members, all that. Imagine dealing with all that on TOP of the stresses you already have to deal with on a daily basis! Nobody deserves such challenges in life.
That's where we come in and why we created this company. As a company of 2 brothers, we want to provide you the solutions to the 2 missing ingredients when it comes to safety. We want to provide that in an easy, simple package.
Having a dashcam not only saves you money, but saves you emotionally too. Video evidence can be handed to police or insurance companies very easily and very quickly. If in the unfortunate case that you end up in an accident that isn't your fault, you can be assured that you are protected with your own video evidence, saving you tons of time and money, and most importantly, unneeded stress.
More and more people are getting cars, and therefore more and more people will be on the road. Statistically speaking, more cars on the road means more chances to get into an accident. We want you to feel safe and secure on the road, knowing that you will be protected by "someone" or "something" watching over you, as your own personal witness that can recall everything that happened before the accident.
A dashboard camera or helmet camera can provide that protection and ensure you have a fantastic sleep at night!
Stay safe out there!

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