7 Reason YOU Need A Dash Cam

7 Reason YOU Need A Dash Cam

7 Reason YOU Need A Dash Cam


Good morning readers! Another informational post for you about the 7 reasons why YOU need a dash camera. Well, why does anyone need a dash cam? It’s a good question. And it is a question that is brought up to us occasionally. So, we wanted to sum up not only the reasons why you should own one, but the reasons we own one too!

  • Safety

    Of course, safety is the first thing that comes to mind, which is why it’s first on the list. Roads are very dangerous and with winter around the corner, chances of accidents happening are higher. With the population also growing and people not being taught how to properly drive, accidents are inevitable.

    In Vancouver for example, accident rates have increased 10% since 2016 and 20% since 2015, so it’s safe to say it will increase next year. It’s important to always keep yourself, your family and your vehicle safe by having everything recorded.


  • Liability Fraud

    In a previous post I spoke about the insane yearly increases of insurance rates in Vancouver. The justification for this increase is because of “years of being gutted by successive liberal governments.” Whether that is a true statement or it’s simply just easier to justify something by blaming the government, we are still paying more every year.

    Now, factor in a false claim made against you and your insurance rate is through the roof! This is great for insurance companies but not fair for the good drivers on the road. That's why we want to protect drivers like ourselves. That’s why we are in business!

    Videos are the ultimate proof when it comes to false claims. I had a gentleman one day miss the green light and stopped on the red light inside the crosswalk. Although he realized he was blocking the path of pedestrians, he didn’t realize I was directly behind him.

    In a panic he reversed the vehicle and backed into me. After we stepped out of our vehicles he actually said that I rear-ended him. I simply told him that everything was on camera and that his story simply just wouldn’t fly. (I wish I had audio outside of the vehicle to capture what he said.)


    That’s one example of a potential fraudulent claim that can be avoided. In most countries, rear-ending someone is a 100% your fault, you are liable, because you should always have enough distance between the car in front of you to stop safely. Don’t be tricked. Stay one step ahead!

  • Help Others

    The reason mentioned above can also aid to help someone else on the road. We believe too many people do not have dash cameras, and although our dream is that everyone owns a camera and is always protected, at this moment in time that’s simply not the case.

    So, the next best thing is to protect those drivers with our own cameras. Any frequent driver has most likely witnessed more than one accident. I personally have been a witness to a few accidents before I owned a camera.

    The routine is known. You want to be a witness to an accident so you leave your number at the scene. Days or weeks later you get a phone call from an insurance company asking about the incident.

    To me, the phone call always feels like an interrogation. Which is understandable, because these companies want to make sure they get every bit of information correct so they can build a proper case and pay the right amount to the right person.

    By now though, it’s been a few weeks since the accident and you have moved on with your life, so your memory isn’t 100%. Which isn’t good, because you want to help this victim in the situation but your lack of memory might actually be detrimental to the victims’ case.

    Here’s the simple solution: Video Proof! Send the video to the insurance company and let that be your statement. Help others and yourself at the same time.


  • Protect Against Law Enforcement

    While here in Canada, police brutality isn’t an immediate concern, although in many countries it is. It’s obvious that some law enforcement do not always have your best interests at heart. Which is why a dash camera is needed. Dash cameras not only record the road in front, but if needed, can also record the inside driver simultaneous, with audio!

    This is the type of dash camera I have and it really saved me one time when I was driving home from the gym. I accidentally cut-off a vehicle (yes, my fault admittedly) and the driver got extremely angry. He drove beside me and signaled me to roll down my window.

    He then proceeded to cuss at me and tell me to pull over so we can fight. I told him I was not interested in fighting and tried to pull away. At the next red light he pulled up beside me and told me if we don’t fight now he will follow me home and fight me there, then arrest me.



    I was confused and said, “what do you mean, ‘arrest me’?” He told me he was an off-duty police officer and he could easily beat me in a fight. He was really trying to provoke me. I drove for the next ten minutes home and he followed me all the way, almost bumper to bumper. When I pulled up outside my house, he pulled up beside me and continued to swear and threaten me with physicality and arrest.

    At this point I told him that everything he said to me was recorded on my camera and I plan on sending it to the police department if he doesn’t leave now. He then drove away instantly.

    These kinds of incidents are more common than most people think, and the safest option is to just record everything. PS. I never saw him again.

  • Ticket Violations

  • Dash cameras are great proof of ticket violations. Not all tickets that are handed out are completely warranted. If they were, we wouldn’t be allowed to dispute them in court. People make mistakes and sometimes law enforcement officers simply need to meet their quotas. It’s always best to have everything recorded to aid you in case you have to dispute your ticket in court. It saves time and lawyer fees!


  • Tamper Proof

    An amazing feature that is available with certain cameras is a tamper-proof design. A tamper-proof design means only the owner of the camera can change the camera settings, delete footage and “tamper” with the camera. This feature is not only great for a business with company vehicles, but for the everyday person as well.

    For example, a parent that lets their child borrow the vehicle can keep track of their driving. Also, someone that lends their vehicle out often can do the same. This is a great way to keep an eye on how the person is driving and to keep them on their best behavior while in your vehicle!

  • Capture Epic Moments

  • Apart from all the “prevention and protection” type of reasons, dash cameras are great for simply catching amazing footage. Some of the videos we personally have saved include bears roaming the streets (super Canadian), shooting stars and comical physical fights in the middle of the street! One amazing moment that I’m sure we have all seen is when the meteorite struck Russia in 2013. Many dash cameras captured this moment and we get to view this amazing event at no cost.

    On top of that, I have some videos caught on my dash camera that people have used in their business and I've been compensated for it. Sometimes we just need to be at the right place at the right time with a camera!



    After days of planning and thinking, we are so happy to provide you with what WE think are the  7 reasons YOU should own a dash camera. Of course, there may be other reasons that you think of, and if so, we would love to hear about it in the comments.

    Have you captured any great moments on your dash camera? Has it helped you or someone else with a claim? Feel free to share your story in the comments and if you ever want to reach out to us, don't hesitate getting ahold of us in the chat window to the bottom or simply send us an email, we love hearing from you.

    Do you want to know more about choosing the perfect dash camera for you or simply understanding dash cameras a little more? We took our years of experience and knowledge and designed a 5-step cheat sheet that we use for ourselves, our friends and our family when helping to choose the best camera for them. Download the free e-book below and see why everyone needs this information!



    Safe Driving!

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